* I made this project for a Berlin gallery, but finally they didn’t want to make it.

* No hago performances porque me dan vergüenza | I do not make performances because they embarrass me
The exhibition could be divided in three parts:
a) Installation: Main work of the exhibition, it consists of a welcome video (it reveals my work process and explains the exhibition) and a mural installation (site-specific) titled «From cheap bitch to expensive bitch» and it’s composed of silkworms, which metamorphose during the exhibition, among others elements.

b) Performance “My way”: From the dinner I had with the art curator, Frank Sinatra struck me heavy as idea, I decided that it should be the major role. «My way» as a statement, the idea was to invite a prostitute or a homeless to sing «My Way» in the exhibition.

c) Series of prints: To complete the experience I was interested in the idea of «German shepherd». I developed a series of unique prints with Spanish, English and German sentences.


Pastores marrones | Xilografía, spray, cintas adhesivas sobre papel | 150 cm. x 180 cm. | 2010
Brown shepherds | xylogaphy, spray and adhesive tape on paper | 59” x 70’9” | 2010

Documentación | Documentation